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Kentucky Pharmacy Education & Research Foundation

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

That’s why the members of the Kentucky Pharmacists Association are undertaking a capital campaign to improve the visibility, stature and role of all pharmacists. Through “The Campaign for Kentucky’s Pharmacy Future,” we will purchase, reconfigure and equip the Association’s new headquarters building.

This campaign is about a building and so much more. We’re investing in our future as pharmacists. From hospitals to retail to independents to academia — as pharmacists, we all share the same mission and goals.

Click here to download our full campaign brochure.

Making a Donation to Kentucky Pharmacy Future

Committee of 100 Members ( as of

Join the Committee of 100 to jump start the Campaign for Kentucky’s Pharmacy Future!

YOU are invited to join The Campaign for Kentucky Pharmacy’s Future to assure our collective success as a member of the Committee of 100 Pharmacy Founders. Donations or pledges at this level start at $5,000 and are payable in whole or in part over the next 5 years. Make your name the next on the list!

Jeff Arnold
William R. Brown
Fred Carrico
Matt Carrico
Leon & Margaret Claywell
Chris & Katy Clifton
Kim & Bob Croley
C. Michael Davenport
Marshall Davis
David Dubrock
Paul Easley
Renie & Joe Fink
Matt Foltz
Tim Ford
The Goforth Family
George & Burnetta Hammons
Chris Harlow
Jefferson County Academy of Pharmacy
Michael & LeeAnn Keller
KPhA First District
Don & Vicki Kupper
Phil & Julie Losch
Joe Mashni
Bob Oakley
Pete Orzali
Duane Parsons
Ron & Lisa Poole
Donnie Riley
Richard Slone
Zena Slone
Lewis & Kim Wilkerson
Sam Willett
Mary Ann & Michael Wyant

Donation Levels for KPhA and KPERF Building Fund Campaign

Diamond Bowl of Hygeia $100,000+
Platinum Bowl of Hygeia $75,000-$99,999
Gold Bowl of Hygeia
– J. Leon & Margaret Claywell
- The Goforth Family
Silver Bowl of Hygeia
– Sam Willett
- Michael & Mary Ann Wyant
Bronze Bowl of Hygeia
– Jeff Arnold
- David Dubrock
- George & Burnetta Hammons
- Jefferson County Academy of Pharmacy
- Duane Parsons
- Richard & Zena Slone
E.M. Josey Memorial
– Fred Carrico
- Matt Carrico
- Chris & Katy Clifton
- Marshall Davis
- Paul Easley
- Renie & Joe Fink
- Matt Foltz
- Chris Harlow
- Don & Vicki Kupper
- Phil & Julie Losch
- Joseph Mashni
- Bob Oakley
- Ron & Lisa Poole
- Lewis & Kim Wilkerson
Cornerstones $2,500-$4,999
– Ray Bishop
- Jessika Chinn
- Cynthia Gray
- Chris & Consuelo Palutis
- Leah Tolliver
Brick Layers
– Brian Fingerson
- Trish Freeman
- Andrew & Virginia French
KY Pharmacy Future Campaign Goals

Naming Recognition Opportunities

Building Naming Rights $300,000
Room for Growth $200,000
Executive Board Room $100,000
Courtyard $50,000
Pharmacy Museum Exhibit $50,000
Small Conference Room (Claimed) $25,000
Employee Lounge $25,000
Student Research Office $25,000
Executive Director Office (Claimed) $25,000
Main Lobby $25,000
Technology Op Room $25,000
Individual Staff Offices $10,000 each
KPhA Wall of Excellence $10,000
KPhA Wall of Presidential Leadership $10,000
Event Logistics Room $10,000

Expanded Education and Outreach Centers

Center for Excellence in Pharmacy Continuing Education $100,000
Center for Pharmacy Management & Entrepreneurship Training $100,000
Center for Medication Therapy Management Research $100,000
Center for Innovation in Pharmacy $100,000
Center for Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness $100,000
Center for Excellence in Medication and Patient Safety $100,000
KPhA Legislative Information Center $75,000
Library & Pharmacy Resource Center $50,000

Other Commemorative Options

The Kentucky Pharmacist Journal Endowment $25,000 yearly
Center for Continuing Pharmacy Education Technology Enhancements $25,000
Conference Room Table $10,000
Flag Pole (Claimed) $5,000
Museum Exhibit Cases $5,000 each
Library Book Shelves $5,000 each
Front Desk $5,000
Center for Continuing Pharmacy Education Tables $1,000 each
History of Pharmacy series By Robert Thom Framed Print Recognition $1,000 each